“CIVIL WAR was about curtailing personal liberties in the name of safety. There’s been a lot of debate lately about the role of the youth in our society — whether they should partake in activism, how much their voices should be valued, whether they’re old and learned enough to have a say in their future, and what responsibility the older generations have to keep them safe. OUTLAWED is tapping into those social anxieties.”

— Alanna Smith, Editor Komik, OUTLAWED.

Adiwira remaja di Semesta Marvel bakal menjadi sasaran baru kerajaan Amerika Syarikat di dalam komik OUTLAWED, yang terbit pada bulan Mac 2020 – di mana kebebasan mereka untuk menjadi adiwira akan diumumkan sebagai kesalahan undang-undang!

  • Apabila tragedi yang dahsyat melanda semesta Marvel, kerajaan Amerika Syarikat akan menghadkan umur sah untuk menjadi seorang adiwira – melarang adiwira remaja daripada beraksi dan menangkap mereka yang mungkar sebagai penjenayah!
  • Komik one-shot setebal 40-muka surat ini berjudul OUTLAWED, nukilan penulis Eve L. Ewing (Ironheart, Ms. Marvel) dan artis Kim Jacinto (Venom: Space Knight, Angela: Queen of Hel) yang akan memulakan “a bold new era for Marvel’s most promising heroes.”

“To me, this story isn’t just about young people being in conflict with the government, but much bigger questions about what we ask of young people, how they’re expected to be independent sometimes and subservient other times…

I just wanted to explore that tension, and them being superheroes really ups the stakes because they’re literally out there saving lives every day, but aren’t seen as full people or full citizens. And, at the same time, maybe the law is a good idea? Maybe it really is for everyone’s protection? It’s intentionally kind of morally ambiguous.”

Eve L. Ewing, Penulis Komik, OUTLAWED
  • Banyak aspek tentang komik OUTLAWED (2020) yang mengingatkan penulis kepada siri crossover komik CIVIL WAR (2007) – cuma versi remaja! Daripada tragedi malapetaka di mula cerita ini, kepada reaksi kerajaan untuk mengawal aktiviti adiwira selepas malapetaka tersebut.
  • Cerita di dalam komik OUTLAWED mungkin hanya satu isu, tetapi tenaga kreatif Marvel Comics menjanjikan bahawa peristiwa ini akan menjejaskan keseluruhan semesta Marvel, menjanakan cerita-cerita baru untuk adiwira remaja Marvel Comics (terutamanya komik Marvel’s Champions).

“When you boil it down, OUTLAWED is about the conflict that arises when widespread decisions that affect an entire generation are made by people outside that generation, while ignoring the input of people who will have to live with those decisions. In this case, there are real, heartfelt concerns on both sides of the conflict that make it that much more complicated for our heroes to overcome. It’s not a problem they can punch.

OUTLAWED introduces an ongoing status quo that will be reflected in books across the line — almost every active character who’s under 21 (and even a few who are older) will be affected by the decisions made in OUTLAWED, and they won’t all agree on whether the new world order is good or bad.

But there are real, serious consequences now for those who go against the ruling passed down in OUTLAWED, and it’ll interfere with their lives in a way they’ve never experienced, leading to some really interesting stories!”

Alanna Smith, Editor Komik, OUTLAWED
  • Siri komik one-shot OUTLAWED bakal diterbitkan oleh Marvel Comics pada 18 Mac 2020.

Previu 5-Muka Surat Komik OUTLAWED

Muka Depan Dan Sinopsis Komik OUTLAWED

Muka depan varian oleh pelukis Tony S. Daniel

“In the wake of a devastating tragedy, the United States passes a law that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core.

The world has had enough of teen heroes. The crackdown has begun. And the lives of Marvel’s next generation will never be the same again.

EVE L. EWING and KIM JACINTO launch a new era in this game-changing event one-shot that will send shockwaves across the Marvel Universe! You won’t want to miss this one!”

Sinopsis Komik OUTLAWED


Apakah harapan anda untuk siri komik OUTLAWED nanti yang bakal terbit pada bulan Mac 2020 nanti?


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